Imei slot 1 and slot 2

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That is correct; an IMEI can only be assigned to one SIM card at a time (and vice versa) . This is why you are unable to make both of them work at theI have a dual SIM phone (InFocus M2) and each SIM slot has its own IMEI number. I use a fido card in the GSM slot and a Rogers card in the LTE slot.

Slot 1 Sim card not detected - Redmi Note 3 - Xiaomi MIUI ... Slot 1 Sim card not detected ,Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum. ... Imei sv 00 and slot 1 and 2 are the same imei Reply Support Object . Report | gopikrishna007 ... Android IMEI Confusion for "Dual Simcard Devices" - Stack ... Android IMEI Confusion for “Dual Simcard Devices ... got the ID of SIM 1 or SIM 2 ... for each SIM Slots. both are static. First IMEI No. is for First Slot and ... [ASK] Redmi Note 3G SIM Slot 2 no service after Flashing ... This post was edited by GR33dyBlackie at 12:55, Oct-30-2015 Hi sir. i can confirm for Redmi Note 3G, it is a MTK-chipset , and the both SIM 1 and 2 are the IMEI. International Mobile Equipment Identity - Wikipedia

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Do I activate phone with IMEI 1 or IMEI 2?-ZE551ML(ZenFone2) I recently purchased the Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML. I notice this phone has IMEI 1 and IMEI 2. I inserted my carrier's SIM into SIM slot 1 for 2G/3G/4G. When I activate my phone on carrier's website, do I register IMEI 1 or IMEI 2? SOLVED: My sim slot has been locked permanently - iFixit

2018-10-8 · To put it in a simple way, IMEI/Device Id is tagged to sim slot. For dual SIM phones there are three IMEI values(one for each slot) and IMEI-SV. Let’s say IMEI for slot 1 is: 123456789012345. IMEI for slot 2 is: 012500123456789. Depending on the scenarios, following is the returned value by telephonyManagerObj.getDeviceId():

Find your iPhone IMEI Number - OS X Daily How to Find an iPhone IMEI Number: 4 Methods. We’ll cover four different ways to obtain a devices IMEI number, these are unique to each mobile phone and iPhone, and you can retrieve them either through the device itself in iOS, through software like iTunes, or Everything You Should Know About Your IMEI Number - Make Tech ... IMEI numbers are a source of both mystery and paranoia within many circles around the Internet. These cryptic, nebulous numbers stamped around various parts of your phone are commonly used to identify phones, leading some to wonder whether they can be used for sim - How to Find IMEI Number from Windows 7? - Super User The Thinkpad X1 Carbon has built-in 4G which takes a Micro-SIM card. After getting a Micro-SIM, I was told to call in to activate it. The network operator though requires an IMEI number and refuses How to Find IMEI Serial Numbers In Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Dual sim phones have 2 SIM slots thus 2 different IMEI numbers. After receiving the ... Only 1 device will be allowed duty free in one calendar year per traveler.

Slot 1 Sim card not detected - Redmi Note 3 - Xiaomi MIUI ... Yesterday i bought kenzo, and flashing to global developer Miui 8 6.9.9 , and the problem came after flashing the slot 1 cannot detect my sim card, im try the sim card in my mi4i it work without problem, so now i only can use slot 2 the nano sim on my redmi note 3. how can i fix it? the problem from hardwadre or firmware? Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — IMEI not working or showing ... Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — IMEI not working or showing 'INVALID'....."DESPARATE " ... rebooted several time with each No. the only 2 things found was a Serial No. and this mumbo jumbo IMEI (slot 1) ...